Business writer specializing in personnel issues, employee motivation and recognition

Professional Business Writer Bestselling Author

Professional Business Writer Bestselling Author

Professional Business Writer Bestselling AuthorProfessional Business Writer Bestselling AuthorProfessional Business Writer Bestselling Author

About me

Welcome! I'm Allison and I am just so grateful to be living this life. You see, I've always had a passion to write. When I was young, I wanted to write magazine articles and novels. I convinced myself that it wasn't possible to make a living writing, so I majored in business and took every creative writing class that school offered. 

I told myself that I would have a "real" job and then could write on the side. So, I got "real" jobs but they were never really what my heart wanted. Then, one day, I got my second chance heard the words that convinced me that I could start over. I left my job a month later and haven't looked back.

We are never stuck where we are, because God gives second chances. Or third chances or...  God never counts us out when we feel like we've failed. That's when he holds us up and helps us to start over.

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: 

The old has gone, the new is here!"  ~ 1 Corinthians 5:17

Blogger & Freelance Writer

Memory Making Grand-Mom


Watch for this brand new site that encourages grandparents to be present in the lives of their grandchildren,

 no matter how far away they live. 

This exciting start-up speaks especially to new grandparents whose desire is to pass on a legacy of love.

Watch as the site grows to include memory-making activities and articles about some of the best grandmas out there.

Business Freelance Writer


 I love to tell the interesting stories that make a business unique and I'd love to  tell yours!  I'm committed to providing you with superior freelance writing and excellent customer service. I'll listen to you and ask questions until I fully understand your needs. 

My business background includes a management degree and over twenty years of management experience, both as a successful small business owner, along with mid-sized and corporate experience. I understand your business goals and as a professional business freelance writer, your business goals become my business goals. 

Bestselling Author

Take Care of You


When life knocked me down and left me reeling in a world of brokenness, negativity and anger at God, His loving response was to draw me back home again. Though my life circumstances hadn't changed, following His leading resulted in a more positive, joyful life than anything I'd ever experienced.    

Take Care of You: a 30 Day Journey to a More Positive You, is a guided journey that will help you be more certain of God's direction, as you work to become a More Positive You!

Affirmation cards to go along with the daily promises are also available in the bookstore.

Dream Boldly, I Dare You


There's a hero, that rests deep within you. You are being invited to remember. Reignite your dreams by dreaming boldly, I dare you. Get cozy, grab your favorite blanket, sip your favorite warm beverage and prepare to be awakened.

Read Allison Lindgren's contribution, Lessons in Listening, in this first edition of Dream Boldly, I Dare You. Join our unbreakable circle of love, as you embark on this life-changing journey to boldly declare 100 dreams, with helpful prompts to guide you in unlocking your deepest desires. Expand and awaken the warrior that resides within you today!

Dream Boldly, I Dare You 2


Dream Boldly, I Dare You II is the second book in our Dream Boldly series. This extraordinary book of transformation contains 31 days of inspiring testimonies, intended to be savored one by one. Begin each morning  with a profound message that’s certain to awaken pure potential. Today is a gift. 

Remember to unwrap it fully.

Read Allison Lindgren's contribution, Color My World, in this second edition of Dream Boldly, I Dare You. You are being invited to free your possibilities; to embody your highest potential; to remember what you came here for. It's time to step into all you're called to be.  

Award Winning Journalist

Feature Writer


The best part of being a Feature Writer are the people I meet on a weekly basis and being the lucky person who gets to tell their story. People are truly amazing sometimes. We all go through really hard things in our lives. We don't get to choose what happens to us; 

we only get to choose how we respond.

It's that response that can be an inspiration to the rest of us. This story about the local shutterbug opening her own photography studio is one of those stories. As a way of honoring the baby she lost, this young woman makes it her life's work to capture the life story of other families as they record their pregnancies and the birth of their babies. 

They come back later, bringing their babies who are growing into toddlers and preschoolers chasing through her studio. 

She tells me that she's the lucky one because she gets to tell their story and it's the work that feeds her soul.

We all need to do the work that feeds our soul!



"She's got her father's eyes, Her father's eyes. 

Eyes that see the good in things when good is not around; eyes that find the source of help 

when help just can't be found.

 Eyes full of compassion, seeing every pain; 

Knowing what you're going through, 

and feeling it the same. 

Just like my father's eyes."

When my publisher asked if I would consider writing a column for the newspaper, Amy Grant's version of this song kept playing in my mind as I considered my response. 

So, when I agreed, it was to write a column I hoped would be a breath of fresh air and positivity in this world of negativity we find ourselves living in. Now, there's no one whose heart is touched more than mine, as I find and tell these real stories of kindness, gratitude and compassion. 

Stories that train my eyes to see the good in things.